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Dual Pole Bug™ LED strobe & 2-Flag Holder

Cat. No. 7026-A

Cat. No. 7026-R

Using effective, long lasting LED technology - LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of heavy duty operation - this system provides the ultimate in pole mount transportation safety. The Dual  bright LED strobes (available in Red or Amber), with a 5-7 mile visibility range, are positioned to allow visibility from the back and sides (strobe position is also adjustable for use in center of pole).  Strobes include four flash patterns: Comet, Single, Steady Burn and Flare Flicker. Light modules are encapsulated for vibration and moisture resistance with dual front/angled reflectors. Strobes are powered by three alkaline "C" batteries, providing 100+ hours of continuous operation. Easy to attach and deploy, using heavy duty strap that attaches to all type of poles and sizes. Additional features include powder coated metal components and dual flag holders.  Includes batteries and two flags.