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RoboReel™ - Guy Wire Reel

RoboReel™ Guy Wire Reel - designed for linemen to provide an easy and safe means to unwind and rewind cumbersome guy wire and cable. Extremely rugged, all-weather heavy-duty reels.  Made of steel and E-coated to ensure long life, RoboReels™ have four adjustable arms that allow an easy and secure means of loading, unwinding and rewinding various coils with different diameters. Coils can be simply rolled into the stand and clamped into place with the adjustable arms.  Wire is easily pulled or rewound through "smooth" center guides.  Universal Mounting Feature - RoboReel™ can be installed on a floor or wall with a universal guy/cable exit.  Made in the USA by Aircraft Dynamics!   30 day Free Trial!